Internet Services

We provide fair pricing and quality service, with the experience and knowledge to help you choose the best internet service for your business needs.

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Hosted Servers

We provide hosted servers of all sizes for your business. These servers are fully managed and dedicated on our side.

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Hosted Desktop

Our hosted desktop services are run from a central location, and must include a secure data center with reliable high-speed connections to the cloud.

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Cloud Backup

We offer unlimited storage, without any size limits or bandwidth caps, or file-types of restrictions.

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On Call Support

iConnect Technologies provides 24/7 on call support, so we’re available, when you need to call us for advice.

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Structured Cabling

Do you want structured cabling for your business that is cheap, or do you want it done right?

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Disaster Recovery

We provide recovery of data within the shortest timespan possible, so you can get your company up and running again.

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New Office Setup

iConnect Technologies provides new office setup at your new location, easing the stress of a big move.

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Office Relocation

There are several steps involved in moving IT equipment, and most of them take a gentle, caring hand.

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IT Consulting

Do you know how to transform your IT landscape, or are you blindly purchasing for your IT department?

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Is Your Aging Infrastructure Putting You At Risk?


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