On Call Support

On call support

Even the best-maintained IT department can have emergencies that can bring down the servers, forcing downtime during regular business hours. iConnect Technologies provides 24/7 on-call IT support, so we’re available when you need to call us for advice. We’re also available if you need advice with regular IT problems, but don’t want to leave your problems sitting for too long.

On-Call IT Support Service Philippines

We don’t always know when a computer issue will arise, but when it does happen, it’s good to know that iConnect Technologies will provide IT support to resolve standard IT problems and issues, by either connecting remotely or through email messages. Our on-call support staff are knowledgeable and will translate technical computer language into common usage so you can easily follow their instructions over the telephone, or via email messages.

  • Common application errors may pop up during regular usage.
  • Application installation and upgrade issues and recommendations.
  • Virus, malware, and spyware infections and their eradication.
  • Prevention of future viruses, malware, and spyware infections.
  • Internet browser problems, including Internet Explorer, Safari, and Firefox.
  • Server or hard drive problems.
  • Software recommendations.
  • First-level support troubleshooting issues to offer the best solutions.
  • Server-related issues.
  • Firewall support.
  • Router issues.
  • VPN support.
  • Most likely you can’t afford to keep a full crew of technicians on hand at your site to fix issues as they arise. That’s where iConnect Technologies services come into play. We’re here when you need us, and if you don’t, then you don’t have to pay. We don’t have an expensive monthly subscription plan that you may never use, unlike other IT support firms. You simply pay per incident, so you only pay when you need us to help you out.
  • Before giving us a call, ensure that your internet is working smoothly, as you’ll need to either send us an email or give us a call for directions on remote support. If your internet isn’t running, please call your internet service provider first.
  • We understand that when a computer is down, or something is not working properly, you won’t want to be kept waiting. It’s easy to call us for support. Simply call our telephone number, or send us an email. Within one business day we’ll respond back to your message.
  • We can either provide support through email instructions, via a telephone call, or we can remotely access your computer. Should you choose remote access, we’ll send you a file with detailed instructions on how to set up remote access.
  • iConnect Technologies offers knowledgeable on-call support for all of your computer equipment and IT needs. Our 24/7 IT support is based on a fee per call, so you don’t have to pay for expensive support plans that you don’t need. You will no longer need to worry about your IT department when you have the computer pros on your side. We promise efficient problem resolution so that your IT department can be back up and running smoothly.

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