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ICONNECT TECHNOLOGIES INC. (ICONNECT) is dedicated to the utmost protection and security of information submitted by its users or customers accessing its Customer Section, navigating through the Site or using its services.

ICONNECT complies with the Philippines agency in charge of managing the rules about the general protection of personally identifiable information of customers. When you sign up for the services provided by ICONNECT, you consent that ICONNECT can, given its sole discretion, modify this Privacy Policy with or without prior notification. The present Privacy Policy is available on the ICONNECT Site at ICONNECT may, at any given time and according to its discretion, revise or modify this Privacy Policy, and by further using the services, you consent to be bound by such revisions and modifications.

ICONNECT shall be the exclusive owner of all information submitted to us through the Customer Section, media platforms or the Site. ICONNECT shall take reasonable measures to consider and respect customer’s privacy at all times. To this end, we will not knowingly broadcast, publish, share or distribute your personally identifiable information to any entity or third party for any reason. Also, ICONNECT will not request for any information apart from the ones submitted willingly by the customer. Personally identifiable information comprises of the customer’s contact information such as name, address, e-mail address and telephone number. ICONNECT will not rent, share, or sell the customer’s personally identifiable information to any entity or third party in any way apart from the ones detailed in this Privacy Policy document.

Please be informed that this Privacy Policy applies only to the Site and Services and does not apply to any other website of other organizations or companies to which our Site may be linked.


Signup: When customers subscribe or sign up with ICONNECT, contact information which includes name, address, email address, etc. is taken via the Site or through the telephone.

Transaction: ICONNECT may retain certain transaction history or information in order to monitor customer’s transactions. ICONNECT will engage the use of secure storage facilities to safeguard this information.

Marketing Research: ICONNECT may at some times request for certain customer information strictly for our marketing research purposes. This information will help ICONNECT improve its services, Site, and content.

Complaints: ICONNECT may collect information about you if you contact ICONNECT for any consumer request or complaint. This information will assist ICONNECT in solving issues related to a complaint and shall be treated as private.


ICONNECT uses the personally identifiable information of its customers for one or more of the reasons listed below:

  • Provide each customer a personalized experience and the content of the ICONNECT Site;
  • Order processing;
  • Create new services and features;
  • Combat fraud and illegal activities;
  • Process feedbacks, complaints and requests;
  • Notify you about recent updates on the ICONNECT Site;
  • Verify transaction information and processing of payments;
  • Enhance the content of the ICONNECT Site;
  • Promote or advertise ICONNECT products and services;
  • Evaluate service usage
  • Enhance the quality of ICONNECT services and products;
  • Collect and collate statistical data;
  • Provided necessary technical support and updates;
  • Recognize violating activities relating to the Service Agreement;
  • Provide information for relevant third parties performing services on behalf of ICONNECT for our customers; and
  • Comply with legal guidelines, carry out legal obligations or defend against legal claims.


Apart from what is defined herein, ICONNECT will not rent, sell, transfer or share your personally identifiable information to any third party without your approval, which will be sought via email. ICONNECT may be obliged to provide your information to legal bodies in order to carry out a warrant, court order or legal proceeding.

Some personally identifiable information can be shared with relevant third parties. This information is necessary for the third parties to carry out their designated functions which may include; order processing, request or complaint handling, etc.

ICONNECT can also share your personally identifiable information in order to assist ICONNECT to recoup a debt you owe ICONNECT.


You may link up with ICONNECT’s Site from another website. Likewise, ICONNECT’s Site may contain links to other websites which may interest our Site visitors or guests. All such linked websites are not administered or controlled by ICONNECT, and as such, they are regarded as third-party websites with a different privacy policy. Be informed that this Privacy Policy applies only to ICONNECT’s Site, and not to websites owned, managed and controlled by third-parties.

ICONNECT admonishes its customers to read the privacy policy of the linked websites carefully before submitting any personal information to them.


It may be requested of customers to fill out inquiry, quotes or orders forms to inquire or order about ICONNECTs’ products and services. During such process, it may be required of the customer to provide some personally identifiable information such as name, address, email address, transaction information, phone number and other information requested by ICONNECT through the order form. This information shall strictly be used for the fulfillment of orders, billing purposes, account upgrades, and maintenance or to communicate with the customer about the services provided by ICONNECT for which they have shown interest.


ICONNECT shall not use or share personally identifiable information of customers in ways that do not align with the ones defined above without giving you the opportunity to unsubscribe or otherwise opt out of such unrelated uses. However, ICONNECT may disclose customer’s personally identifiable information, or data relating to their navigation of the Site and the use of the Services to respond to court orders, subpoenas, or other legal proceedings, for any reason if, at ICONNECT’s exclusive discretion, seems reasonable to do so.

ICONNECT may also disclose personal information to bring legal action against a user who is breaches Service Agreement or other user guidelines that may be harming or interfering with (intentionally or unintentionally) the property or rights of ICONNECT, its customers, or anyone else that could be affected by such activities, which includes compliance with the laws, regulations, legal or governmental requests. If there is a case of a security breach involving customer’s personal information, the customers will be notified.

Be aware that the disclosures listed above may involve the storage and/or use of personal information outside of the Philippines and may be subject to different privacy practices.


ICONNECT reserves the right to transfer personal information to the appropriate party in the occurrence of a merger, liquidation, transfer, restructuring or sale of its assets provided that the third party complies with ICONNECT’s Service Agreement and given that the third party consents and warrants that it shall use such personal information strictly for the purposes for which they were provided.


ICONNECT is aware of the importance of securing your information and all other details that pertain to you. In this regard, we employ the use of the most recent and secure protocols to secure your personal information which we collect via the Site. ICONNECT does not make any assurance or guarantee about the safety of the information you submitted to us. You are aware that you submit all information to ICONNECT solely at your own risk.

When customers are requested to submit some sensitive information (such as credit card information or social security number), the information is encrypted and secured through Secure Socket Layer (SSL). When you navigate through any secured page on ICONNECT’s Site such as order form, most web browsers will display a padlock. If the padlock is locked, the icon on the web browser indicates that the console is running in secure mode. Under this circumstance, internet communications between the customer platform running the console and the server managing the Site are encrypted using Secure Socket Layer.

The icon is open when the page you are accessing is not secure. However, ICONNECT does not make assurance or guarantee of the safety of the information provided to us. You are aware that you submit all information to ICONNECT solely at your own risk. All customer information, not just the personally identifiable information described above, is restricted to ICONNECT’s developers, agents, operations personnel, administrators and other suitably qualified employees. Finally, the servers on which ICONNECT stores sensitive information is kept in a secure location.

ICONNECT’s facility is made of its servers which are located at multiple data centers throughout Europe, Australia, and North America. All information submitted in connection with ICONNECT’s operations is stored on this network of servers and your desired device. Also, ICONNECT uses a variety of hardware, electronic, software and procedural safety measures to protect against any unauthorized access to its systems. ICONNECT restricts access to personal information to relevant agents, operations personnel, developers, administrators and other qualified employees who are covered by this Privacy Policy document and who needs the information to carry out their designated functions or assist you for a legitimate business purpose. We use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) application which encrypts information you enter, view or change on the Site. This prevents unsolicited access to customer information by third parties.

Despite all these measures, you are informed that ICONNECT has no control and cannot be held liable for information safeguarding measures used by other Sites which you access using links provided on ICONNECT Site.


As an esteemed customer, you are allowed to update, change or delete your personal information at any time by logging into your account, go to your profile page and use the designated option for effecting the change you want to your information. You can also contact our Data Protection Personnel. Please note that access to certain personal information may be restricted in compliance with the applicable Personal Information Protection Act.

To modify sensitive information (such as payment or transaction information), you can contact ICONNECT via email or phone call and clearly state the information you wish to change, or you can contact our Data Protection Personnel. ICONNECT will promptly respond to your request.


When you create an account with ICONNECT, it is mandatory for you to provide your contact information. In this regard, you automatically agree to receive communications from ICONNECT such as text messages, email, postal mail, faxes or phone call. These communications may be sent to you for promotional or informational purposes. It may also include account balance information, security notifications, service charges, rate modifications, and so on. However, you may unsubscribe from receiving these communication messages at any time via your Customer Section.


ICONNECT will retain your personally identifiable information for the period necessary to carry out the purposes defined in this Privacy Policy unless a longer retention duration is required or mandated by law.


ICONNECT Site uses cookies to measure the number of visits, the average time spent by each visit, pages viewed, user authentication to the Customer Section and other statistical data related to the access and use of the Site. Cookies are small text files stored on a computer hard disk. Cookies can neither damage nor read any information stored on the hard disk. Some sections of the Site, which includes the Customer Section will not function optimally if your browser does not accept cookies. This implies that your device must accept cookies for you to use the Site. ICONNECT uses cookies to store login details (usernames and passwords) for customers who accept the option of storing the information on your devices.

ICONNECT also uses session cookies to grant customers ease of access and navigation when viewing the Site during a particular online session. After closing the browser, likewise, the session cookie terminates, and it is not stored on your device’s hard drive afterward.

In addition, ICONNECT may also use cookies to update and tailor its Site to meet the customer’s specific needs. Visitors or Site users have the option to disable cookies, which, however, could prevent them from accessing some functions of the Site. ICONNECT does not use cookies to store credit card information.


When you visit ICONNECT Site, your Internet Protocol Address (IP) is collected by Cookies (such as Google Analytics) and Web Beacons. This collection will assist ICONNECT to produce comparable statistical data on how customers use the Site and analyze traffic to the Site in order to improve the Site, to better serve the customers and meet their expectations. Web Beacons are also deployed in HTML emails to ascertain the number of emails opened and read. ICONNECT collects general information only that will be used to improve the Site and communications with Site visitors and customers.

Parameter Cookies takes note of your browser information for efficiency reasons. Therefore, be informed that during your next visit, the data will be automatically collected.

With the aid of Advertising Cookies and Web Beacons, ICONNECT will be able to know your interests and preferences while maintaining privacy. These cookies record your device’s unique identification number and your browsing history so that ICONNECT will be able to:

  • acknowledge the pages and features you have visited and the ads you have related with
  • evaluate the size of our Site guest
  • publish adverts depending on your interests and locations
  • advert renewal
  • publish adverts that are in line with your interests and needs

Web Beacons and Cookies will not be used in connection with your personal information for personal identification purposes in all the case mentioned above.

Conclusively, in some circumstances, ICONNECT use session cookies and connection Cookies in its Customer Support and WebMail service in the purpose of storing information that you do not have to fill again, and they are in a secured section of the Site. In this way, you can move on with your online transactions in a secure way. Session Cookies ensure the proper functioning of the Customer Support, WebMail service and retaining information in a customers’ cart until the completion of the transaction or the customer logs out.

How to prevent or prohibit the creation or storage of Cookies and Web Beacons

By accessing or using the ICONNECT services without expression of action by the customer, you are considered to consent to the use of Cookies and Policy relating to the use of personal information of ICONNECT’s Site visitors and users. Within your browser, you may at any given time disable Cookie entirely. This will affect Web Beacons.

To disable Cookies on your mobile device or tablet, consult the device’s user guides or the website of the web browser you use on the device.

If you chose to disable all the features on your browser, ICONNECT guarantee that you will still have access to the Site and the information provided therein, though you will not be able to use some advanced features that mandate Web Beacons or Cookies, if you have any difficulty in this regard, kindly contact our Technical Support.


ICONNECT admonishes that its customers make voluntary contributions which include comments, suggestions or support inquiries through phone, email or chat. Customers who make feedback submissions consent that the feedback has become the exclusive property of ICONNECT, including but not limited to, any intellectual property or other proprietary rights contained in the feedback in the form of pictures, texts, or any other attachments.

In addition, customers consent to assign all title and rights in and to all feedback that you submit to ICONNECT, in any form or shape, and execute all documents required to transfer your rights to any feedback to ICONNECT upon ICONNECT’s request, including but not limited to all documents needed to perfect its rights in and to intellectual property or proprietary rights.


This Privacy Policy document may be updated or revised as deemed necessary from time to time. In this regard, ICONNECT has the right to modify or update its content, or any of its policies and practices at any time, with or without prior notification. Any amendment to this Privacy Policy will be published on the Site, to inform the customers how the information we require is used and under the circumstances which the information will be disclosed. Customers are urged to frequently check the Privacy Policy Page to be informed about the modifications. Further access and use of the Site by the customer confirms their agreement to the terms of this Privacy Policy. Significant content changes to this Privacy Policy will be communicated to customers via email.

You are not permitted to access or use the ICONNECT Site or any of its services if you do not consent with the terms of this Privacy Policy. ICONNECT may, at its sole discretion, add, modify, change or remove portions from this Privacy Policy at any given time. You are advised to visit this Privacy Policy regularly for changes to the Site. If at any time in the future ICONNECT decides to use Personal Information collected in agreement to this Privacy Policy in a way that is different from the predefined purpose, ICONNECT will publish such changes here and may seek your consent or approval before effecting the change concerning the use of the Personal Information.


ICONNECT has no reserved tolerance for spam and Spam over Internet Telephony (SPIT). Spam and Spit complaints are promptly and seriously dealt with and may result in the termination or cancellation of your ICONNECT account.

ICONNECT has no reserved tolerance regarding abuse and unauthorized access of other customers’ personal information, violation of other customer’s rights, interference, disrespect or any attempt thereof with ICONNECT’s security apparatus, and the use of any software or device intended to harm or access any other customers’ and ICONNECT’s devices.

Any breach of the current Privacy Policy may lead to prompt action from ICONNECT, including but not limited to legal action and/or suspension or termination of the customer’s account and/or services.


ICONNECT services are not meant for or directed to users (customers) below 18 years of age or less than the legal age in your jurisdiction. As such, ICONNECT does not intentionally or knowingly collect personal information from people who are less than 18 years, or underage depending on your jurisdiction. ICONNECT takes adequate measures to ascertain that users are of the approved legal age and to inform minors not to submit such information to the Site.

If you discover that we have collected personal information may have been unknowingly submitted to ICONNECT, please contact us immediately so we can take quick steps to remove such information from our database.

ICONNECT does not sell products or services to children, and under no circumstances shall ICONNECT request for personally identifiable information from teenagers or children below the age of 18, or under the legal age approved by law in your jurisdiction.

Contacting ICONNECT

If you want to view, modify or update your personal information, or to delete some aspects or the entire information thereof, or for any inquiry or request pertaining to your personal information, please kindly reach out to ICONNECT through the “Contact Us” section of the Site. If you want to unsubscribe from receiving emails from ICONNECT, you can send us an email with the subject “Unsubscribe” at


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