Internet Services

Internet BroadbandWhether you choose cable, fiber or satellite internet services, we can assist you with the best internet solution for your business.

Fiber Internet Service Provider Philippines 

Are you seeking ultra-high speed internet? Fiber internet service is the best solution, with more speed, data, and options. Here at iConnect Technologies, we can assist your business with installation and provide internet services in Philippines.

Cable internet services have traditionally been the most reliable way to transmit data. But fiber optic internet can provide for businesses that have higher demands for speed, storage, and reliability. Data can be sent at a faster pace over long distances.

Fiber optics is becoming a popular solution for building upgrades and new home and business developments. Replacing old cabling with fiber optics is a lot simpler than replacing old copper cable systems.

Fiber optics is also more reliable than traditional cabling systems. Please contact iConnect Technologies, an internet provider in Philippines, for assistance in choosing the best option.

Satellite Internet Service Provider Philippines

Satellite internet service provides the best solution when cable or fiber optic internet services aren’t convenient for location installation. Instead, internet access is provided through a communications satellite that orbits the Earth.

The satellite service provider is now offering high data speeds that are quickly catching up to cabled or fiber optics services.

A satellite internet service provider is also beneficial for areas of the world where other types of internet services aren’t yet available, or when the building owner won’t approve the installation. This type of service is secure and reliable and always on.

While fiber optics and cable internet require extensive building installation, all that’s required of satellite internet services is the installation of a satellite dish that has an unobstructed view of the southern sky.

Another benefit of satellite service is that multiple computers or devices can be connected to the satellite without affecting speed or reliability, which is what happens with traditional cabling.

Quality internet services are required for your business to stand out. We provide fair pricing and quality service, with the experience and knowledge to help you choose the best internet services for your business needs. If your business requires internet services but you’re uncertain where to start, please contact us here at iConnect Technologies and we’d be happy to set up an appointment.

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