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Hosted DesktopiConnect Technologies is proud to announce that we offer complete hosted desktop services. This is a complete line of cloud-based products that are delivered through a tailored combination of technologies for your company, business, or enterprise. It includes hardware platforms and remote connection software. We support Microsoft remote desktop services. The hosted desktop allows secure traffic flow between your hosted data center or business and your client or customers.

Clients and customers appreciate the ease of using their computer and supported browser to access your business’s desktop environment. This may include office productivity software, websites, games, and other desktop applications, making it unnecessary for them to install apps or software on their own computer or devices.

Clients may include thin clients, PCs, workstations, mobile and handheld devices, and smart phones.

Our hosted desktop services are run from a central location, and must include a secure data center with reliable high-speed connections to the cloud.

A business may keep a variety of software or applications within the cloud, including databases, virtual objects or graphics, software, hardware, configurations, etc. The client interacts through their computer to access these services and do their computer-related tasks.

Operating systems may involve Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, and more.

The demand for virtual hosted desktops is increasing at a rapid pace. With the development of new applications each year by providers such as Apple, Google, and Microsoft, the demand is going to be even greater by 2018.

There are many benefits to hosted desktop services. It involves a common infrastructure for all clients within a business, and can be cost effective. It’s also beneficial in the event of disaster recovery, as the data is stored in the cloud, rather than on the site of the business. Backups and disaster recovery will be handled by your hosted desktop vendor. It also allows for effective and timely scaling up or down.

There can be as little as one single user, to up to ten people on each standard DSL broadband per 4G connection.

Payment structures are based on a subscription fee rather than outright purchase. The benefits to this pay structure mean that the client will always access the latest and most secure applications and services, that require a lesser support time. Users will automatically access the latest version of the software as part of the agreement, without additional costs incurred for having to buy the latest software. Additional users may also be added as per the fee structure.

The outsourcing of a hosted desktop is a relatively simple process for a business or organization. There still must be due care in ensuring that your chosen service provider meets compliance, data security and data protection standards.

Please contact iConnect Technologies if you’re interested in a hosted desktop solution for your business. It can be extremely cost-effective having these virtual services, saving you from the expense of having additional servers on site. It also keeps your data secure in the event of an emergency or disaster. We can advise you on the best hosted desktop solutions for your small, medium, or corporate-sized business.

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