Why Cloud Server Is Better Than Dedicated Server Hosting

Cloud HostingIf your new company is trying to decide between a dedicated server versus a cloud server hosting, then you have a big decision to make. There are benefits and drawbacks to both, such as not having full control over a cloud-based operating system. But it’s important to make the correct decision from the start so that you don’t waste valuable budget funds. A business doesn’t need to follow what everyone else is doing either. You need to choose the right services for your company. Cloud hosting is one of the best decisions you make, as it doesn’t just include the server, but other services, such as cloud based backup services too.

What Is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud hosting is done by another company with great expertise in cloud backup services and Cloud Server Hosting. The servers are stored at their location. This is their main focus, unlike other businesses or companies that provide services to customers or clients. Cloud hosting the main benefit is that these services are scalable.

They are based on a subscription plan (monthly, seasonally, annually, etc.) You can increase your RAM, storage, and CPU as required. Whereas if you buy a dedicated server (one that sits on-site at your office or business location), you are limited by the speed and data storage of that hardware.

You can still upgrade and buy new equipment, but it will be more costly than booking your cloud hosting services online. For example, it’s up to your cloud host to update their software and hardware. Since that’s their main focus, they will do it on a regular basis, saving you time and trouble.

Does Cloud Hosting Involve More Than One Server?

Yes, unlike a local business that may only have one or two servers onsite, cloud-hosting websites store their internet data over several server machines. Their clients access their company data through a website.

So instead of you having only one dedicated server for your employees or clients to access, you’ll actually be accessing the services and computing power of several servers. If one should ever go down, you’ll not experience any disruptions in service, as there is another one ready to go.

Cloud-Based Backup Services

One of the benefits of cloud server hosting is that there are also cloud-based backup services that are off-site. This means that your company data is fully protected. If there is ever a local disaster at your company building, your servers aren’t there, so there is no risk of damage to them.

And with cloud backup services, should your computer suffer malware or hacking, you can quickly get your customer services back online by accessing your cloud backup services quickly.

Other benefits of cloud-based backup services also include having a secure source for your software or your mobile apps. These will be updated regularly, so you won’t have to worry about installing and updating 50+ employees’ computers on a weekly basis. Your IT department can stay focused on more important tasks.

Is Cloud Based Server the Best Solution for High Traffic?

If your company provides online services to clients then you’ll need the best high-traffic solution. This is why it’s important to also choose a cloud-based server host who can also offer the web server scalability you require.

There are a few who do not support custom software or a few scaling options. You want to choose the server host who will grow with your business needs. You need a website that always works quickly, and that won’t fail under high traffic volumes.

Cloud Hosting Service provider In Philippines

If you’re undecided, please contact iConnect Technologies today to speak to one of our IT cloud hosting professionals. We’ll assist you in making the right decision for your type of business. We’ll also provide installation and setup services, and recommend reliable cloud-based backup services too.

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