What Is the New Virtual Desktop from Microsoft?

Azure Virtual DesktopThe past couple of years have offered many challenges for employees and managers in all sizes of businesses. The main problem is how to access company software, data, and files, and how to give access to your colleagues if they work remotely. Microsoft has a great solution with their new virtual desktop which is accessible through the Cloud. Not only will you be accessing a remote desktop from anywhere you wish to work, but it’s also created by Microsoft so you can be assured that your valuable business data is securely stored and protected.

What Is Azure Virtual Desktop?

Azure Virtual Desktop has been renamed from the former Windows Virtual Desktop. Microsoft has listened to the needs of remote workers around the work to improve and create a way to access your company’s software online, and also its data and files check stubs online. It utilizes Windows 10 and is scalable based on the size of your company. Let’s closely examine what else the Azure Portal offers.

If you work in an office and use Windows 10 then you’ll have the option to use the same from your laptop computer in any location. You just need reliable internet access. You’ll then be able to use the same Windows 10 operating system and Microsoft 365 software.

Major Concern With Working Remotely

One of the major concerns with working remotely is that company data is kept safe and secure from hackers and malware. The new virtual desktop from Microsoft has built-in intelligent security that will help to keep your data and your applications secure from intruders. It’s also compliant with security capabilities that constantly scan for threats. If it detects any attacks, it will quickly stop them.

Ease of use is important, particularly if you’re allowing your workers to set up the Virtual Desktop from their own laptop computers. The desktop offers a simple setup and also easy management of files, data, and software. The company management and IT team can also easily scale up with the addition of new employees.

Benefits OF Advanced Microsoft

Microsoft acknowledges that businesses need to keep costs down. You can still use your existing licenses with the virtual system. You’ll only have to pay for what you and your employees actually use.

You can access Microsoft Teams to have all employees work together with the ability to access the same data, files, or information, and to access the most recent version of these files.

The Microsoft desktop isn’t just for PC computers either. You can still use Windows, but also access it from a Mac or MacBook laptop computer, iOS devices, Android devices, and HTML5 for other handheld devices.

If you’re ready for a simpler way for you and your employees to use Microsoft applications from anywhere, and to access company data from a Cloud-based service, please reach out to us here at iConnect Technologies for more information. We can also assist you in reducing your management overhead by helping to transfer your current server to the Cloud with this managed virtual desktop from Microsoft.

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