Remote Work Is the New Normal

Remote Work Is The New NormalLast year, it was believed that most of us would be working remotely in a decade or so. But surprisingly, that’s happened sooner than expected. Remote work is the new normal, and besides providing benefits to workers, it also provides wonderful benefits to companies too.

Working remotely basically allows business professionals to work from home, a coffee shop, or a co-working space. However, due to the pandemic, remote work is now focused more on working from a room or outdoor space at home.

How Remote work Rise The Size Of Companies

Remote work will continue to be on the rise as all sizes of companies figure out how to move workers from office space to home. It was a myth that workers needed to be monitored every second and minute of the 8- hour day. In fact, people work more effectively from home, having a desirable working space without the distractions of harsh lighting, noise, movement, or smells to annoy them.

Benefits Of Working Remotely

Now that millions of people have officially been working from home since March, many employers have realized the benefits beyond decreased costs. There has actually been increased productivity. Employees working remotely are more likely to work harder than workers in an office.

And this has been proven in surveys and stats. Working from home also allows for interaction with pets, and pets have been proven to decrease blood pressure and increase happiness. Basically, happier workers work better.

Many studies have been done that have said that over 3/4s of workers would love to work from home if given the chance. And not only are workers who work from home happier, but they also have decreased personal costs. Transportation and parking costs will be zero.

In these surveys, workers are not only happier, but they also feel more valuable in their roles with the company, rather than just being hourly or salaried workers.

It’s no surprise that there are fewer costs for companies when workers are allowed to work from home. Rented office space is not required, and office furniture doesn’t need to be purchased.

Perhaps the number one misconception about remote work is the lack of communication. 

How will the manager or supervisor connect with a remote worker?

While there will be no in-person meetings, there are a variety of online meeting resources. Skype was one of the first, but there is Zoom, Discord, and more. Again, employees can upload work to cloud computing for access by all. VOIP solutions are there for employees to call each other by telephone or cell phone. And Microsoft 365 is also available in the Cloud where managers can see the status of a project at all times.

Even though having employees work from home will involve decreased costs, there can be greater costs with Cloud computing and related software such as Microsoft 365. Workers also need access to cloud-based backup solutions. If employees need to be in communication with other workers or customers, a good VOIP solution with phones and software needs to be set up.

If you’re considering moving your employees from office to home, please contact iConnect Technologies for more information on how to easily get started now.

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