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iConnect Technologies offers complete data backup solutions for your home, office, or business enterprise. We provide trusted care and support, so your valuable business data is covered.

Best Backup Solutions For Business

Created specifically for smaller business environments, iConnect Technologies offers complete backup solutions to protect your investment. We combine reliable backup technology with an easy-to-use interface, so your operating systems, applications, and data are all captured quickly.

Why should you invest in a data backup system? It all comes down to how long your business will be able to survive in the event of a data disaster. Your data could be permanently lost, causing endless hours of overtime while staff redo their work, or worse, the loss of your firm. Planning the best data recovery plan in advance will prevent your nightmares from coming true, Be sure to learn more about our react native development services.

In the event of a disaster causing data loss, your convenient back up solution will have your servers, business applications, websites, cloud devices and PC or Mac computers back up and running quickly, and easily. We assist you in disaster recovery planning as well as the execution of the disaster recovery plan.

  • Windows OS
  • Mac
  • Linux, etc.

Your data backup needs will be carefully evaluated, choosing the best storage option that handles your data needs, as well as fits your budget. From system migrations to innovative storage-saving technology, we can recommend the best data backup solutions for your business. Depending on your requirements, your backup solutions may include one or the following:

  • Single drive
  • Autoloaders
  • Library systems
  • iConnect Technologies knows that not all businesses have an IT department, so they create backup storage solutions that are as easy to use for IT personnel as they are for the accounting department. We do the work for you and take away your worries.
  • Each type of business can benefit from individualized recommendations, as what works for one company, won’t work for another. Each business will be carefully evaluated, as well as taking into consideration the type of hardware and software that you currently own. If you’re concerned about losing websites, servers, email support trails, accounting data, cloud data, and more, we can help you choose the best solutions for your type of business. In the event of a system-wide data crash, hacker attack, or worse, your data will be quickly restored with only a few simple clicks of the mouse. When your data is under threat, recovering your data quickly and easily will be the only thought in your mind. We can have you back up and running in minutes, not hours before your customers even notice there were any issues in the first place.
  • Another great reason to have a good data backup plan in place is in case of user error. Sometimes it happens that certain files get accidentally erased, or, at the last minute, it’s decided that a previous version of a report is needed. You can browse and restore specific files and folders, all without having to restore your entire driver or server.
  • iConnect Technologies recommends using HP or IBM tape storage solutions as these companies offer the most comprehensive onsite support for your storage solution needs. While other brands may be good, HP or IBM have been the industry leaders in providing exceptional customer care and support.

Backup Solutions For Small & Large Business

Don’t lose your data to a disaster, Contact Us iConnect Technologies to find out the best way to protect your lifetime business investment.

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