How Do You Back Up Your Data in the Cloud?

How Do You Back Up Your Data in the Cloud?If you’re responsible for ensuring that the integrity of your company data is secure and safe, then you also need to be aware that you do need to back up any data you have stored in the cloud. The cloud may be the best way to hold company files, data, customer information, and financials, but just because you’re paying a fair cost to keep it secure doesn’t mean that it’s 100% safe. Many business managers and owners can be worried about whether their data is really safe in the cloud. 

Should Data In The Cloud Also Be Backed Up

The answer is yes. Generally, three copies of your business or personal data are what will protect you from any losses in the future: onsite, offsite, and in the cloud. Even if your cloud storage host is located in another city from you, it can still suffer from natural or man-made disasters.

If you’re managing a significant amount of data for your company then you can assign importance to it. For instance, data that has minor importance would be fine only being stored in the cloud. But if you have essential business data, then you’ll want to seriously consider another backup option for it.

How To Choose the Best Cloud Host

Before choosing a cloud host you need to know where they’re located. In some instances, data may only be held in your own country. Also, do you want your data held by a brand-new startup company that may not be around in a year? Cloud storage may be great but the data still has to be held in a physical storage location that is reasonably safe.

You may have to do a bit of research to determine if your current cloud storage is safe and secure. Remember that the business that is protecting your data in the cloud is going to do its best to protect it. They may also have a backup that they store separately.

If you still want to back up your data in the cloud then there are many backup services that can be used. These can be set to backup whatever is in the cloud. There can be an additional expense to do this, but it’s automatic, so you don’t have to remember to do it daily.

Another option may be to create your own cloud storage system. This involves the purchase of a hard drive that’s called a NAS, or network-attached storage. Basically, you create your own local backup solution that’s connected to the internet.

You can choose what and how much data you’d like to be backed up. You’re in complete control and won’t have any monthly storage fees. However, if the hard drive is stored on-site, you need to be aware of natural disaster types of losses. But it’s still a secure way to protect data from equipment failure or hacking attacks.

It’s rare that you would have two failed data backup issues, but if you follow the rule of three then your business or company data is always going to be protected. If you want Cloud Backup For your Business Contact us iconnect technologies

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