How Businesses Can Benefit from Fiber & Satellite Internet Services

Internet Service ProvideriConnect Technologies has been working hard this past year to partner with top business-class ISPs in the Philippines. There are many different types of internet that worked perfectly for all sizes of businesses in the past, but due to higher demands on speed, storage, and reliability, fiber internet services, and satellite internet services are rapidly catching up. We’re pleased to announce that soon we’ll be providing two new services here at iConnect – both fiber internet service and satellite internet service.

How Does Cable Internet Work?

Cable internet service has traditionally been the most common way to transmit data. Fiber optics send information through small, flexible strands of glass that transmit light. There are benefits to fiber optics, mainly that data can be sent a lot faster over greater distances.

Newer developments are now installing fiber optic-based internet services in their buildings and skipping the traditional cabling. Even some cable service providers are offering fiber optic installation to older homes and businesses, as it’s less costly to install than to replace older copper cable systems.

Fiber optics is also more reliable than your standard cable service. It’s less likely to go down if there is a power outage in your region. And since the data is transmitted through light, there is no electricity involved. This can also protect data from interference from power lines or high-voltage electrical equipment in the area.

Fiber optics is also safer, as the risk of fire is greatly decreased. It can also repel temperatures more easily and is even waterproof. Long-term maintenance is less expensive.

It’s also more secure, as it’s harder to hack, unlike cable service where wiring is shared with your neighbors.

How Does Satellite Internet Work?

Another option for your business is satellite internet service. This type of service doesn’t involve cables or fiber optics at all. Internet access is provided through communications satellites that orbit the Earth which is owned by companies like Circles. Life Australia.

Satellite internet access is now available to consumers through geostationary satellites. This type of service offers high data speeds, though not as high as fiber internet.

Perhaps one of the main advantages of choosing a satellite internet service is for business owners and managers who work from a remote location in the Philippines where other types of internet services aren’t available.

It’s also more secure and reliable for certain types of businesses to use this type of service, as it is always on. Downtimes are almost non-existent, except in the event of extreme inclement weather.

Satellite internet doesn’t involve extensive installation, only the purchase of a satellite dish for each working location, and the ability to install it with an unobstructed view of the southern sky. But once it’s set up, multiple computers and devices can be connected. None of them will slow down your internet connection, such as what happens when too many devices are on cable.

If you’re ready to upgrade your internet service, please contact us at iConnect Technologies to find out how fiber internet service or satellite internet service can benefit your business.

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