Cloud Storage vs. Cloud Backup: How the Differences Affect Your Business

Cloud Storage versus Cloud BackupMore and more businesses are switching to the cloud for software, web services, and communications, but it’s also an effective way to manage your data too. But many people can become confused over what cloud storage and cloud backup services are. There are differences between them. One may be better than the other for your company.

The cloud is basically the internet or a place where your data is stored off-site, rather than your company’s onsite computers or servers.

Cloud Storage VS Cloud Backup: How Its Work?

Cloud storage services are a manual way of managing your data, while cloud backup is an automatic way to back up your valuable business data.

Cloud storage services such as Dropbox and OneDrive are popular with individuals and companies, but they are only as good as the effort you put into them. You must consciously upload files to Dropbox or OneDrive. But once they’re there, they can be accessed from any number of devices – smartphone, tablet, or computer. There are options to share with friends or coworkers. These files may be editable and changed.

Perfect For Collaboration

While cloud storage is perfect if you’re collaborating on a project or wants a quick way to back up files at the end of the day, there can be issues with it. For example, if your computer crashes or is stolen, your cloud storage is only as good as the effort you placed into uploading files to it. If there are multiple people accessing the file, the original may be lost.

File Sync

There is an option to do file sync, but this doesn’t work if you’re not near wifi. If your computer has been infected with malware, then your data is infected on both your drive and your cloud storage.

Why Cloud Backup Service Is Important

This is why cloud backup services may be the best solution. Cloud backup is the same as online backup services. This system is designed to create copies of all types of files from every computer in your business, at every moment they’re altered or updated.

Should there be a computer crash, natural disaster, or computers or devices stolen, your company data can quickly and easily be restored. If you need just one file, you can retrieve it from a specific date in time.

Protect Your Data

Cloud backup services also protect your files so that if your computer is infected with ransomware, you will still be able to restore your clean versions from the cloud at a point before they became infected. That malware can’t touch your backed-up files.

Cloud storage is great for providing additional space for your computer, or for collaborating with a team, while cloud backup is perfect for restoring all your files in the event of a disaster.

Cloud storage must be done manually, while cloud backup services can be set to automatically sync in the background.

Cloud backup services actually encrypt files during transfer and storage. These service providers are serious about keeping your data secure.

If your business has reached the point where cloud storage doesn’t sound secure enough for valuable company data, please Contact US iConnect Technologies today to learn more about our trusted cloud backup services.

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