Cloud Backup Solutions

Cloud Solutions, Cloud Backup SolutionsStoring your files in the cloud enables you to access them via the internet at any time or place. It requires that you have some type of cloud-based service where you can log in to deposit or access your files.

What is Cloud Network?

The cloud is actually a network of secure servers where your files are stored. You can utilize additional cloud backup solutions, such as hot storage, cold storage, or artificial intelligence too.

Cold storage is in reference to the data that is transferred securely from your computer’s hard drives and external and network drives through cold storage technology. Cold storage is the best solution for data that is less likely to be accessed by the organization. This is because it’s lower performing than hot storage would be.

If your business has a vast amount of data that must be stored, but that will rarely be accessed, this may be the best storage solution for you. It’s a cloud-based storage solution that is inexpensive.

What is Hot Storage?

Hot storage is in reference to data that is stored in the fastest storage environment. This type is usually stored in a flash hybrid of tiered storage environments and is higher-performing than cold storage. This type of storage is also called instant storage, as it’s that fast.

Hot or instant storage is a robust cloud storage solution. If you have critical data that must be stored and then retrieved on demand, this may be the best cloud storage solution for you. Having your data stored at a cloud solution provider can actually save you thousands of dollars in storage costs as you won’t be limited by your own servers.

How is AI Used in Backup?

Artificial intelligence can be used to back up your files, help you to sort and organize them, and even assist in finding exactly what you need. AI is actually the future, and it’s going to be a key solution in cloud backup solutions. All of an organization’s data will be stored in one central region of the server, so managers and employees will be able to have instant access to any of the business files at any time. All of this data is also safeguarded and protected.

Using AI in your organization can provide many benefits. You’ll be able to find your files in only a matter of seconds, rather than having to manually search through everything. Automated backups can also be set up, and that requires a minimum of future effort.

The retrieval process works much like a search engine. Instead of needing to remember the exact name of a file, you can use a keyword as a search term. Graphics and photos are also presented with a preview to assist in retrieval.

iConnect Technologies has partnered with Amazon AWS to provide your business or organization with cloud-based hot or cold storage and artificial intelligence solutions. If you’re interested in learning more about how cloud storage can be a more affordable and secure method of storing your organization’s data, please contact us today for more information.

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