What Is Dedicated Server Hosting?

Dedicated Server Hosting

iConnect Technologies offers dedicated server hosting services to businesses and organizations that need private and secure services not shared by others. There are many benefits to having dedicated server hosting for your own business.

Besides the additional security of the dedicated server hosting for businesses, which is beneficial for businesses that deal with highly sensitive financial, personal, or medical information for clients, it can be extremely flexible.

Why You Need Dedicated Server Hosting

Even though the server is off-site, for instance at iConnect Technologies facilities, your business will have full control over the server. The business will have its preferred choice of operating system, hardware, and more.

If you choose to hire dedicated server hosting, then your business’s own dedicated server will be housed in our data center. Other servers will be together in what is called colocation facilities. These include redundant power in case of outages, and HVAC systems to keep your server cool and functioning smoothly.

Why Businesses And Organizations Choose CMH

The business or organization may also choose CMH. This is dedicated or managed and is another level of hosting service. Many businesses may choose a complex managed-to-host solution because it offers several different options. The server may be a combination of physical dedicated, virtual, and hybrid. Many more companies today are choosing a combination of both physical and virtual. 

While both solutions are similar, the main difference that a business or organization can expect is that there is a greater size and complexity to the complex solution. This is where providers, such as iConnect Technologies, will take over most of the management that the server requires. This includes IT support, memory, security, and storage.

Benefits Of Dedicated Server Hosting

Server administration services are usually provided within a package or as an add-on service. If businesses choose a complex colocation solution, the hardware and equipment are owned by iConnect Technologies, but with dedicated server hosting your business owns its own servers even though they’re on site.

Another benefit of dedicated server hosting is that often it can be more cost-effective than having the services on-site. A bigger return on investment can occur.

Other benefits of having your own dedicated server hosting service can include higher performance, control, security, and email stability. Smaller businesses may not have the time or resources to have a full IT department on site. Dedicated server hosting can be a more cost-effective way of having all the services you require, but not having to do the financial outlay to get it done.

Dedicated server hosting is suitable for website businesses that get a large volume of traffic. It’s probably not as cost-effective for the smaller business that gets a small amount of web traffic.

If you need more information about how dedicated server hosting works, and whether your business or organization can benefit, Contact iConnect Technologies can advise you as to whether this type of service is right for you, or if one of our other web hosting services will work better for your business. We’d be happy to discuss the options with you.


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