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Not all data should be treated the same. Some should be recoverable immediately, while others are stored for archival and compliance purposes, thus, unlikely to be accessed.

Therefore, the creators of Unlicloud introduced the unprecedented Tribrid Backup. Tribrid enables businesses to protect all data produced and save storage costs without sacrificing any data. This is achieved by introducing 3 storage types:

Instant Storage

Robust cloud storage based on the secure and reliable Amazon S3, used to store mission critical data that needs to be accessed on demand.

Cold Storage

Based on Amazon Glacier; serves as inexpensive cloud storage, suitable to store large amounts of data that is rarely accessed.

Local Storage

By enabling Hybrid+, Unlicloud can create a local copy of backed up files for faster recovery time; by prioritizing recovery from the local repository over the Instant and Cold Storage.

With Tribrid Backup, businesses can now save thousands in storage costs while having all files protected and recovered without any limitations.



  • Automated backups to each storage type
  • Zero restore cost from Amazon Glacier
  • Complete users management
  • Easy, fast deployment via Active Directory or email invites
  • Remote backup configuration via policies
  • Seamless restore from all 3 storage types without any intervention
  • Advanced filtering capabilities
  • The ability to Copy, Encrypt and Ship all data to Cold and Instant storage And much more