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1. Sign in to your Unlicloud online account.

2. Refer to the Users/Servers tab and click the Add Server button.

add server

3. Select under which admin you want to list this new server, set the storage limit for the server being added (Optional), specify the policy you want to apply to this server (Optional) and click the Add Server button.

add server

4. From the Add Server Completed box, take a copy of the Activation Token, and click the Proceed with download setup button.

5. Once the Unlicloud setup is downloaded on your server, proceed with the setup as shown below.

If your machine doesn’t contain the required installation components, Unlicloud setup will install them automatically

Important note: Enter your Windows Account’s username and password, this account must have Administrator privileges on the server.

If this user is joined to a Domain, please enter the domain preceding  the  user name as follows: DomainName\UserName

6. Once Unlicloud is installed, it will ask you to log in as in the following screenshot. You’ll need to enter the log in information of the user you’ve added this server for, and the Activation Token for this server as it appeared in the Add Server Completed box.

7. If you did not assign a policy to this server, you will need to select the data that you want to back up. You will have three tabs to select from:

  • Smart Selection: Contains various built-in plugins that you can use to back up some of the most important items on your computer.
  • My Computer: Allows you to back up files and folders from any location readily accessible from My Computer using an easy to use Windows Explorer-like interface.
  • Cold Storage: Extremely low cost storage that provides an optimal, secure, and reliable storage solution for data that is rarely accessed. The difference between Cold storage and Instant storage is, data takes 3-5 hours to be restored.

8. Specify your backup settings:

  • Run on Schedule: Set how often you wish Unlicloud to back up your files.
  • Security Options: You can change it to either “Use Unlicloud internal encryption password”, or to “Use your own password”.

9. The backup will run based on the backup configuration at time of setup or via assigned policy.

*The user must be an admin in order to be able to add a server.