How AI Will Change Our Lives in the Next 10 Years

what is AI

What Is AI

AI or “Artificial Intelligence” is a computer term for the intelligence that is provided by machines rather than by humans. AI takes it one step beyond your average computer or software program by learning through doing and then providing problem-solving functionality. For instance, a calculator is simply a tool but Alexa, Siri, or Google Assistant are forms of AI that remember and learn and can provide suggestions and problem-solving in the future. Over the next ten years, we’re going to see advances that will actually change our lives. AI can have many applications in different fields. Here are just a few of the AI advances that we can expect to see soon.

How AI Help To Find Cancer Treatment

Microsoft has been working on the Hanover project. It can be tricky for pathologists to find the best cancer treatment for each patient, as the human body varies by person and cancer types can vary too. An AI machine will collect data on each medicine and treatment plan, and how it affects patient outcomes. The AI will be able to collect and analyze all of this data and suggest the best treatment plan for a cancer patient.

AI Uses In Automotive Industry

The automotive industry has been testing various AI systems for driverless cars. Just some of the companies include Apple, Google, and Tesla. These vehicles can analyze oncoming traffic, respond to traffic signals, and avoid collisions with objects, moving vehicles, and pedestrians. It’s expected that we’ll see more driverless vehicles on the road over the next decade, and perhaps even designated regions of cities or towns with only AI-run vehicles.

AI Uses In Banking

In the past, it would be up to people to discern whether a scam was happening to someone’s bank account or credit card. But now, AI can analyze transactions to determine if there is fraudulent activity on debit or credit cards, and quickly shut them down and send out notifications.

AI will also be more commonly used in corporate finance, with software robots used to process transactions, do auditing, and even monitor compliance. AI will become invaluable to auditors, as AI will be able to analyze large volumes of data to see if there are discrepancies. This will also be valuable to companies who hope to prevent or reduce auditing.

AI Uses In Security Purposes

AI can be used for security too. Fingerprinting and facial recognition software can be used to provide or deny access to users of computers or devices, security systems, and even firearms. AI can also be used to manage traffic signals in the city by analyzing the number of vehicles on the road during the time of day so that the traffic volume can flow better.

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AI Uses In Advertising

We already know that targeting is used in online advertising so that products and services are only shown to those who are most interested in them. This intelligence can help advertisers to save money. AI can also focus on psychological or behavioral marketing to increase conversions.

Most likely in ten years’ time, we’ll see AI used in ways that we previously could never have predicted. But no matter what happens, it’s guaranteed to make our lives more organized and productive.

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