How AI Transforms Business Processes

Machine LearningOne of the main reasons we use technology is to make our lives easier. That’s why all sizes of businesses are keeping an eye on the latest advances in AI or Artificial Intelligence. AI is basically defined as simulating the intelligence of the human brain through machines, but more commonly today through the use of a computer system. Your business may already be benefitting from A.I.s, but there will be plenty of opportunities ahead to capitalize on them.

How is AI Transforming Modern Business?

AI can be utilized for all sizes of businesses, small, medium, and corporate-sized. Perhaps you’ve heard about AI being used by the banking system. The AI will scan through financial transactions, trying to find any that might have compromised someone’s account. The information is then delivered to a human, who can act on the information presented.

AI is also being used through smartphones. You type part of a word and it brings up suggestions for you or corrects the spelling or grammar of your text. But AI can also be used to streamline business processes too. AI first utilizes machine learning. It will scan the data to learn from it. From there, it will extract any useful information using preset parameters.

For instance, in the banking example above, the AI is programmed to scan for suspicious transactions, with its values being A & B. A is for transactions over a certain value, while B is for transactions that are outside a geographical region.

What Else Will AI Able To Do?

For one, it can significantly lower the operating costs of a business. It could also sort business transactions, such as for businesses that provide different products or services. This could help the business analyst or accountant to figure out where the profits are coming in, and how much supplies or labor costs.

AI can help your customers and clients to choose what products or services they want. For instance, ads are served on social media that align with the account user’s interests. Television services can recommend shows based on what the customer watched in the past.

AI is going to be in virtually all sectors, not just smartphones, social media, or TV services. AI could help to diagnose problems with technology, such as vehicles or airplanes. It could provide a medical diagnosis for people who don’t have time to visit the doctor or ease up wait times at hospitals.

It’s also predicted that a greater number of small businesses will be able to leverage the power of AI. There will be more applications for small businesses, whereas in the past unless there was capital, this size of the business was neglected. But now there is Cloud computing so small businesses can scale up much faster and will be able to benefit from technologies that were only available to bigger businesses in the past.

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There are likely going to be some surprises ahead with AI and business that we can’t even foresee yet. It will be exciting to see how AI transforms business processes in the future.

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