Antivirus and Backup: Why You Need Both

data backup and antivirusThe smart company has both antivirus software and a reliable backup system in place. Data can be the single most valuable asset for a company. Without it, customer orders, account records, and other types of data can be lost during a natural or manmade disaster. Many business managers may wonder if both are necessary, after all, both involve an extra expense. But each has its benefits.



What Is Data Backup?

A data backup system can protect your business data and files from theft, fire, flood, and even hardware failure or user error. These files can easily be restored from the backup server. These threats will be rarer than a cyberattack, though it’s still important to have a good backup system in place.

What Is Antivirus Software

Antivirus software will protect your business data from online security threats such as ransomware and destructive viruses. In order to prevent disasters from affecting your business, having reliable antivirus software installed on your computer will block any intrusions and notify you of problems.

Why You Need Antivirus Software

Ransomware is currently the top cyber security threat. This is when your system is hacked and the criminals hold your company data hostage for a large sum of money. This is even more problematic if your company stores sensitive customer data.

If you have backup data, then you can report your cyber attack to the police, then obtain your unaffected data from the backup system. But if you have no backup, your company is at the mercy of the criminals.

Another reason to have good antivirus software is that even if the attack is relatively harmless, for example, adware is installed, your company computers can still be significantly slowed down. This affects their performance and can also increase power consumption and bills.

Why You Need Backup For Your Data

When your entire system is backed up, you’ll have a full copy of your system that is saved on another server. Some companies save onsite but it’s important to also have an offsite backup in the event of fire or flood where your servers could be destroyed. Backups can be done on a regular basis or continuously. You can retrieve your files at any point in time.

Importance Of Antivirus Software And Backup System

If you do have a backup system it’s still important to have antivirus software, so all potential threats are covered.

With both types of systems, it’s extremely important to ensure that your backup system is on a timer and that the software is kept up to date and that the server is off-site. You’ll also need to regularly update your antivirus software, as criminals are continuously adapting their malware and viruses as fast as the software can keep up.

Cloud-based backup systems and antivirus protection can be the best. There’s no need for your IT managers to constantly worry about installing the latest version of the software, as it’s always kept up to date on the software company’s server side. This frees up extra time to manage important business.

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