Will Hybrid Work Create a New Digital Divide?

Hybrid WorkOver the past two years employers have embraced employees working from home. There have been benefits on both sides – workers saved money without having to commute or requiring childcare – while employers saved money on expensive leased office space. Two decades ago this would not have been possible. But with the advent of the internet tips to run a small business, Cloud, and other web-based apps, employees can work from home, yet still collaborate with their managers, supervisors, and fellow colleagues in a safe and productive working environment.

But now that many companies are getting back to regular business, both parties have expressed they will continue with the hybrid work model. But can there be challenges with businesses continuing to operate this way?

Whats is Hybrid Work Model

The hybrid work model means that employees may be required to spend part of the working week in the office, and the rest of the week working from home. There are some tasks that are best done in person and can’t be duplicated in the phone, whether for legal reasons, or if the business requires in-person client meetings or training.

When the pandemic started in early 2020, it was believed that employees would only work from home for a few months, and then return to work in the summer. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. It’s also surprising to hear that many employees prefer to go into the office, at least for part of the week.

Over the past year, many software companies have found ways to get their software apps online, realizing that if they don’t, they may not be around by next year. Many of the common excuses prior to 2020 for employers not allowing their employees to work from home effectively have now been proven untrue with the wide range of productivity and software management tools. However, in different ways there can seem to be a digital divide.

Biggest Challenges is For Management

One of the biggest challenges is for management. How will the leadership team spend their time now? Whether they’re in the office full-time, part-time, or a hybrid model, what about the employees who do the same? The issue may be that each remote employee doesn’t get the same consideration that the others do. It’s possible that office and remote workers utilize different software, which can also impact that digital divide too.

Remote workers may feel out of touch working from home, as they’re missing out on the quick discussions within an office. They can still access email or chat, or do a call, but they may feel they’re still missing out. It can also seem overwhelming if they must constantly access various software apps and spend 100% of their day on the computer.

Digital Divide Solution

But there can be solutions to turning a digital divide into connections for your team. If you’re searching for ways to make hybrid work effective for your company, please reach out to us here at iConnect Technologies, we are great at keeping small business organized. We’d be happy to assist you in choosing Cloud apps and communication that works smoothly together, so your employees and management feel they’re an integral part of the team, whether they’re working from home or the office. Contact us For More Imformation

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