Voice Over IP (VoIP) Vs. Analog Phone Systems (POTS) & Which Is Better?

Voice Over IP (VoIP) Vs. Analog Phone Systems (POTS) & Which Is Better?Once your business progresses to the stage where you have several employees, you need to find better solutions for managing your telephone communications. Cell phones don’t have the flexibility to manage customer service or the vast number of calls that may go in and out each day. Two of the more common options are Voice Over IP and Analog Phone Systems.

What is VoIP?

This is Voice Over Internet Protocol. It’s a newer type of voice communication system that works over the internet (also called broadband phone service), rather than through the telephone network. VoIP is a digital service and is similar to a circuit-switch network but they have additional benefits.

They can also utilize video conference types of calls which are helpful for businesses that operate in more than one location. Skype and other software and hardware providers can offer free calls. This system can also be utilized on a computer rather than a telephone.

What Are Analog Phone Systems?

This is your traditional landline type of telephone. They are also called POTS – Plain Old Telephone Service – which must be wired. Your standard phones utilize this service, as well as fax machines, and some modems. Basically, the audio is translated into electronic pulses. Analog has been around for decades. If the power goes out, your landline telephone will still work at home.

VOIP VS Analog: What’s the Difference?

While analog telephones are helpful to have as part of an emergency network as they’ll still work even when the electrical grid goes down, they are limiting. They can only carry so much data. Analog sound gives you richer quality than VoIP, which has better clarity, though that can change in the future, much like how LP records sound much better through speakers than listening to music through your computer.

Digital or VoIP telephones have extensive functions that analog telephones don’t. They can transfer calls, provide conference calls, and have voice mail. They can be used through your computer for live video conference calls.

Many people may work in offices where they’re uncertain about what type of telephone they have. Do you need to press “9” to get an outside line? This means the phone is digital. If the back of the phone “complies with part 68, FCC Rules” and a Ringer Equivalence Number (REN)”, then it’s analog.

VOIP VS Analog: Which Is Better?

It really depends on the size of your business. If you have a small booth at the local mall, cell phone plans will suffice. If you’re renting a small office for you and an assistant, an analog phone system is good. But if you have four or more employees, then VoIP can be of benefit to your business, providing you with a more flexible system where your employees can better communicate with potential and current clients, and with each other.

If you’re still uncertain, please contact iConnect Technologies today. We can assist you in choosing the best phone system for your business, organization, or enterprise.

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