The Benefits of Cloud Desktop for Small Businesses

Cloud Desktop for Small BusinessesHaving a large office space with an IT department and server room was the dream of many small business owners in the past decade. Today, not only is excessive office space not required, there are many practical solutions, including Cloud Desktop, that enable small business owners to operate their business from anywhere.

What Is the Cloud Desktop?

Business employers and employees still use the same computer system, laptop or device to do their work, but instead of the computers being connected through a wiring system that leads to a server room, they are connected via Broadband internet, also known as the “Cloud” to enable people to work anywhere. This doesn’t just include valuable working data or file storage, it can also include software or software apps that are accessed via the internet, as well as other types of services.

Is the Cloud Secure?

Whether you’re accessing data or software from your local network, or the Cloud, it’s important to keep your data safe and secure. A cloud provider’s external platform creates a separate cloud for each company. Only specific users get access to this cloud. The cloud provider offers full system resources to you, which also includes your cloud system maintenance and security. Since this is an external company managing your Cloud services, you need to choose a reliable cloud provider who has considerable experience and a proven track record.

What Can Be the Benefits of the Cloud Desktop?

Generally, the benefits to working in the Cloud versus setting up a separate server room for your small business are due to the cost-effectiveness over time. The cloud system also gives you and your workers access to the most current software updates and the latest hardware technology. It’s not up to you to do updates or buy new hardware (beyond computers and devices), since all these tasks are now managed by your dedicated Cloud Desktop provider.

What Are the Benefits to Work Anywhere?

A company doesn’t have to commit to a long and expensive lease at a local building. Smaller space can be leased to keep operating costs down. Employees can work from home and access all the software and data they need from the Cloud, rather than having computers hooked up that lead to a computer room that holds the servers. Costs can also be decreased as the small business owner not only doesn’t have to worry about leasing office space, but that they also don’t have to worry about investing in a server room. Instead, the services are fully accessed from within the Cloud. There is a subscription-based fee that covers the costs of these services. One of them is called the Azure virtual desktop.

How Can the Azure Virtual Desktop Assist My Small Business?

The Azure virtual desktop allows a small business owner and their employees to work anywhere. This system involves signing into an online website that provides a working desktop solution for your business. Within the desktop are specific apps that can be accessed from the cloud. You and your employees can access these resources from anywhere. The Azure virtual desktop works with Microsoft 365, Mac iOS, and Android systems. It includes a wide range of full-featured apps that workers and small business managers need for success.

Where Can I Find Assistance in Setting Up a Cloud Desktop?

The process to setting up the Azure virtual desktop is much simpler than you think. Please reach out to us here at iConnect Technologies in the Philippines. We have been in business for over a decade, dedicating our time to providing the latest and best hardware, software, and cloud-based resources to our clients. If you need assistance, please reach out to us and we can simplify the installation and setup process for you. Soon your employees will be happy with the work anywhere plan, and you as a small business owner will be relieved that you can now dedicate your financial resources to your own business.

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