The Beneficial Partnership of iConnect Technologies and Sophos

Sophos DistributoriConnect Technologies provides exceptional IT solutions to businesses nationally. We’re pleased to be partnered with Sophos, to provide another level of software and anti-virus support for our customers. Sophos is the industry leader in security solutions. They provide software packages to protect and maintain business security needs.

The internet enables the exchange of information. Some information is meant to be shared publicly, while other information is for a few eyes only. Be certain that someone out there is waiting for the opportunity to intercept any type of data.

Malware, spammers, and hackers are waiting for a door into your hard drive, server, or mobile device. Whether they’re simply up to mischief or stealing data for resale, these security threats can cost a business, time, money, and even its reputation.

Sophos Internet Security Solution

Sophos recognizes the fact that the internet requires more complex security needs in today’s busy online marketplace. They are a security solutions provider with several different products to help protect a computer, server, mobile device, or online information. They believe in providing a simple solution for everyone, as not everyone is an IT pro.

Sophos starts by providing three main security solutions. 1. They provide powerful unified threat management for your network. This software will secure your network from threats, through data encryption, firewalls, and antivirus protection. Enduser protection will be provided for endpoint, mobile, and web. Each account is licensed per user, not per device.

2. Enduser protection bundles are provided to cover everyone with access to your data. The Sophos Cloud will be secured, and Safeguard encryption will protect your data, no matter where your end user is located. 3. Strong server protection is high-performance security for your data and critical systems. Server security is always pro-server but anti-viral. All information stored on the network utilizes high-tech security for high-tech needs.

Many businesses don’t have time to track the latest malware threats. At Sophos, it’s their job to keep on top of the latest online threats. They track threats in real time. They also track the most common spammers and web threats. They’re constantly updating and expanding their anti-malware software library to protect servers, end users, and businesses.

Sophos software is simple to install, configure, and use. Whether you’re an IT professional, or the new kid on the block, Sophos can be installed through their easy installation instructions. Their user interface allows anyone to protect a business or personal data. Updates and new releases can be quickly and easily installed to protect against the latest threats. This is all backed up by their exceptional customer care.

Authorized Dealer of Sophos Security Solution Philippines

iConnect Technologies is an authorized dealer of Sophos security solutions. We provide anti-virus, Cloud IT security, UTMs, and more to our client base. Together with our hardware, telephone, and server installations, we provide a complete solution to your business’s technical needs.

Please contact us to discuss how Sophos products can help protect your business’s important data and technology, from today’s latest online threats, malware, and spammers.

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