The Advantages of VoIP for Small Businesses & Entrepreneurs

Office PhoneIf your small business is relying on analog technology, you’ll be interested in hearing how VoIP is better for small businesses and new entrepreneurs who want to take advantage of the latest and best in internet protocol networks.

Instead of having your traditional telephone system wired through the wall, VoIP works over your computer network instead. Perhaps one of the greatest advantages is that this type of telephone system is inexpensive to install, and it can grow with your business for minimal expense. In the past, adding 20-50 new landline telephones could involve considerable hardware and renovations expense. Now you only have to take advantage of your business’s current internet network. Copper wires are a thing of the past.

VoIP works through the use of a telephone, headset, computer, and your Voice Over Internet Protocol service. It’s VoIP that converts sound into a digital signal that’s sent via internet to your chosen telephone number. You have the advantage of calling from a telephone or directly from your computer.

There are many different names for VoIP that may be more familiar to you if you’re a small business owner or entrepreneur. Internet telephone, broadband phone service, broadband telephone, and IP telephony are all essentially the same.

On the more technical side, VoIP technology can utilize traditional telephone services to work over computer networks with packet-switched protocols. This type of packet-switched VoIP converts your voice into packets, much like an electronic envelope. These VoIP packets can then be sent over any type of VoIP-compatible network, including LAN – Local Area Network.

VoIP is more flexible and adaptable than your traditional telephone network. More information can be carried over the network too, such as for conference calls or video calls. VoIP has been created specifically for businesses. Besides telephone calls and conferences, you can also manage your faxes (send and receive), voice mail system, and more.

All of the information can be delivered to any telephone number(s) of your choosing. This includes to outside telephones, company computers, and even cell phones and smart devices.

Besides your usual telephone services you’ll also have access to a wide range of software applications. These will enable you and your colleagues to be more productive and agile with your business communications.

With all this flexibility it may come as a surprise that small businesses and entrepreneurs can save money on their telecommunication services. Most plans involve free long distance and free international calls with VoIP, something that was previously a high business expense. All your business pays for is the internet access charge and startup fees.

VoIP can also be implemented in an office where you plan to keep your traditional analog telephone system for now. The two can easily be integrated together so your initial investment is protected.

If you’re excited to find out how VoIP can benefit your own small business, or you’re an entrepreneur who is ready to try the best in telecommunications, please contact iConnect Technologies today.

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