Singapore IT Show 2015

Singapore IT Show

iConnect Technologies attended the exciting Singapore IT show in March 2015, discovering many exciting products to add to their lineup of services. The Singapore IT show happens once a year, and exhibitors and buyers from all over the world attend to catch an exciting glimpse of new products on the market. There are many aspects to the show that make it a big draw for consumers and buyers alike. One of them notably being the ability to see, touch, and feel the latest tech products!

Many contests are offered, with the latest tech products being being prizes. While the odds are high due to the show’s high attendance figures, the chance to win a neat gadget can be a big draw to the show. The show offers a great chance for people to trade in their old computers, laptops, smart phones, tablets, and other devices, for the chance to own the latest technology. It’s also a great way to keep electronics from filling up landfills, as the materials are recycled.

The show was full of the latest gadgets. Parrot is one of the most exciting flying drone manufacturers. At the show they had many exciting offerings for kids and adults alike. Toss out your old ear buds, as the Parrot Zik provides the best music listening experience today. The Zik can be operated through their Zik 2.0 app. The headphones will automatically pause when you move them off your head. New drones in their line include the Mini Sumo that can jump up to 80 centimetres in the air, and Rolling Spider which works via your smart phone app, and can roll on the ground too.

For selfie takers the Casio Exilim Ex-ZR3500 will take exceptionally clear photographs, as well as traditional photographs for website stores. You can load your photos up on to the new ASUS ROG G751 laptop computer, which is perfect for gamers, programmers, or graphic artists. It features a large 17.3 inch screen, and a graphics card that provides quick response when doing intensive tasks. The Singapore IT Show also had several video gaming companies in attendance, showcasing their new products and games.

For those who have more of a business focus, computer brands such as Asus, Dell, Samsung, and Lenovo showcased their latest products too. There was the opportunity to get your products way below listing price.

Sometimes there’s not an opportunity to try out products in-store, as they are boxed up, and there are no demo models. At the Singapore IT show products and models are out of their boxes and on display. Consumers had the opportunity to actually get their hands on the equipment. Computers could actually be tried out. Smart devices and electronics could be tested and used. Being able to see, touch, and feel the latest tech products gave the buyers a great idea of how these products can be used in their home or business offices.

iConnect Technologies was excited to be a part of the Singapore IT Show and we look forward to providing our clients with the best computer, IT, and technologies products on the market today.


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