Is Satellite Internet Right for Me?

Satellite InternetIn the past, satellite internet service was only available to the military or government organizations who needed it to operate from remote regions of the world. Today, satellite internet is available to everyone. If you currently require the services of a good internet provider then you may be wondering if satellite internet is right for you or your business. When looking for internet options, you might as well want to look in to these business wifi options.

Perhaps the one distinctive benefit of satellite internet is that it allows the user to access an internet connection from remote spots in the world. Traditional internet requires cables running through your coaxial or telephone port to your modem or router. While you may have service on your device to bring it anywhere, or used a local WiFi hotspot, most users have complained that internet isn’t 100% guaranteed. There can be dead zones when you have zero service.

Internet satellite service involves a wireless connection but a trio of satellite dishes must be installed. The first is the satellite that is sent into space. The next one is the one at your internet service provider’s hub (iConnect Technologies for example), and the final one is attached to your property. You’ll still need your usual modem and cables joined from your satellite dish to your modem/router.

Once the installation is complete, the ISP (Internet Service Provider) will send a signal to the satellite dish in space, which then gets bounced back to your own dish. For example, if you’re checking your email or doing website updates, each of these requests gets sent up to the satellite, over the ISP, then back to you.

But is satellite internet the right solution for you or your company? The main benefit is to people who live in regions where cable or DSL isn’t available or it’s too costly to have it installed. And if you’re in a zone where dialup is still the norm (yes it’s still around!), then you will discover that satellite internet is much faster.

Let’s consider the negative aspects of satellite internet. Bad weather can affect the signal path. If you live in a region with mild weather, it may be the best solution for you. The costs also run much higher than the other options.

You may find that satellite internet is not as fast as cabled or DSL internet. We must consider what exactly you’re using it for. For instance, if you are a gamer it may be too slow, but if you need to do website updates or check email, it will be adequate, if you want more tips, learn them in this website.

Your satellite internet setup must be installed by a professional. It’s important that the dish pointing to the correct degree to the south. Branches or other buildings in the way can affect the signal. Be aware of bandwidth limitations and get on a good plan.

If you’re interested in learning more about satellite internet service for the home user, small business, enterprise, government, maritime, or service provider, please contact iConnect Technologies today. We can assist in finding the right internet service for your needs.

iConnect Technologies can assist you in comparing whether your current internet service provider (if you have one) is meeting your expectations. If not, we’d be happy to provide full installation service to you or your business or organization.

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