iConnect Technologies Now Partnered with Untangle

Network Security, iConnect Technologies Now Partnered with UntangleiConnect Technologies believes in staying ahead of new advancements by creating new partnerships with companies. The latest is with Untangle, who provides a software platform for businesses that focuses on a simple, yet powerful network security platform.

Untangle is an award-winning app that provides network-based applications on a dedicated server. These applications can inspect network traffic, reducing the resources required. Untangle can support many commercial and open source applications.

Untangle basically assists businesses with managing their network security. They provide solutions for managing messages, and controlling web usage. The platform is suitable for businesses with fewer than 300 employees. It works best on a dedicated server, so for this reason may not be best for a home business, unless a separate computer can be set up as part of a home office network. Untangle will erase the a computer’s current operating system and any applications in order to set up its platform.

Untangle can also successfully work with state and local government agencies to help meet mandates and budgets.

The Untangle software platform will deploy a variety of network-based applications. Untangle unites them together under one common GUI for database and reporting. The platform can inspect network traffic simultaneously, in order to have a successfully functioning network that runs each individual application productively. For licensing purposes, it counts one PC, rather than individual users on that PC.

Untangle will sit at the main network gateway between the LAN and the internet. It’s possible to configure it in two different ways. As a transparent bridge it’ll work with your existing router and firewall. In router mode it will act as a router and firewall itself.

Once Untangle is installed on your network, your data is secure. The Untangle company will not have access to your data, except through permissions to do trouble-shooting. Your network data will be kept 100% secure, and only your administrators with log-in credentials will be able to access it.

Just some of the features of the Untangle platform include: the Command Center, a Cloud-based centralized management system, and the

NG Firewall v.12.2 with a new web monitor app, and email reports.

Together, your business will save time, money, and stress. The platforms place a variety of solutions together, so that you don’t have to source network security from a variety of sources only to discover it doesn’t seamlessly work together.

Besides the software platform, Untangle also offers a pre-loaded Untangle uSeries appliance, the virtual Run NG Firewall, and ARM-based Wi-Fi router firmware.

Untangle continues to innovate on their network security platform. They focus on areas that will ultimately improve business productivity. The company is based in San Mateo, California, USA. The company is backed by two venture capital firms, Presidio Partners, and Rustic Canyon Partners.

If you’re interested in how the Untangle platform can simplify the operations of your network, please contact iConnect Technologies today. There are many flexible options which may be right for your business.

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