iConnect Technologies Becomes a Microsoft CSP Indirect Provider

Microsoft Indirect Cloud Provider

iConnect Technologies always stays one step ahead of new IT technology so our customers, businesses, and organizations can always keep their data safe and secure from losses. iConnect Technologies is pleased to now be a Microsoft Indirect provider. There are many benefits to working with us, rather than directly with the Microsoft company.

The Microsoft CSP, or Cloud Solution Provider program began a couple of years ago. It’s been heavily promoted and has provided a solution for better interaction between Microsoft and the end user.

How Does Microsoft CSP Work?

The program allows the end users to have a better relationship with their CSP providers. It’s just not possible for Microsoft to provide all this customer care, so iConnect Technologies can fulfill the role as part of their CSP services packaging.

How CSP Protects Your Business?

The Cloud continues to be an essential way to protect your business’s data. There are currently two CSP programs: Direct CSP Partner, and Indirect CSP Partner. Naturally, with the direct partnership, businesses would work directly with Microsoft. While this is beneficial to larger businesses or corporations, there is a lengthy application process, and businesses must meet specific requirements in order to qualify.

Best Solution For Your Business

The best solution for the small, medium or medium-large business is to work with an Indirect CSP Partner, or in this case, iConnect Technologies. The application process is a lot easier and you can have your Microsoft Cloud services up and running quickly.

It’s not necessary for your company to have a migration or support expert, as iConnect Technologies will tackle these tasks for you. You can rely on your Indirect CSP Partner to provide you with business guidance and also affordable and flexible terms and rates. You get to deal directly with iConnect Technologies rather than directly with Microsoft.

Benefits OF Microsoft CSP Indirect Provider

There are many benefits to working with a Microsoft CSP Indirect Provider. Whether you have a brand new business or you’re planning on expanding your current one, you’ll be able to quickly ramp up your IT.

Instead of trying to figure it all out by yourself, you’ll have iConnect Technologies to rely on the minute details. Instead, you can focus on your investment and other important aspects of the business.

You’ll gain technical support services to assist you with setup and maintenance so that you don’t need your own IT department to manage them.

Your business can evolve at a more controlled pace, giving you higher chances for success.

You can also take advantage of the rest of your partner’s services too. iConnect Technologies is not only a Microsoft CSP Indirect Partner but also a partner with many other Cloud-based and IT services.

In the upcoming year, indirect partners could provide over 80-90% of Microsoft CSP services around the globe. This enables Microsoft to focus on what they do best.

If you’re interested in finding out more information about how to benefit from our indirect CSP provider services, please reach out to us. We’d be happy to answer your questions and assist you in choosing the right CSP package for your business or organization.

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