How the Pandemic Is Driving Innovation

How the Pandemic Is Driving InnovationWhile we may focus on the negative aspects of the Covid-19 pandemic, the world has certainly also gained much wisdom from it too. If you consider where we were back in March 2020, and where we are now, here in November 2020, there have been many wonderful examples of innovation.

The pandemic has certainly exposed many weak spots in business, government, and other types of organizations. But this has provided many opportunities to adapt and to even make some money by learning to trade gold during these times.

The word “innovation” has been defined as new ideas, methods, or devices, basically, the introduction of something new to the world. And it’s no surprise that for those companies who have continued to innovate this past year, they are still around.

At the beginning of the year, we didn’t know how we’d adapt. How could employees work from home? It turns out that the technology was right here in front of us. Not only can small- to large-sized businesses allow their employees to work from home, it may just become permanent reality, and even allow these companies to save big on property leasing, while investing funds in technology instead.

Another aspect where technology has played a main role in whether a business has survived the past year has been in the online consumer marketplace. Since the orders were to stay at home, the smart business moved online. Everything from meals and groceries, to clothing from Justin Bieber Merch, and even cloud-based services has been offered.

And for those who kept their storefronts, curbside pickup service and delivery was provided through online apps.

Even AI or Artificial Intelligence has been utilized during these times. For example, the AI can search through incoming messages and direct them to the proper agent, or simply provided an automated response such as “thank you!”

AI has also helped with the management of the pandemic and to stop the spread of the virus. AI provides symptom-tracking solutions, chatbots for people to contact and find out if they should seek testing, and even tracking people who may have been exposed to the infection. People can sign up for apps so they can be alerted of possible exposure.

Inside large businesses, such as warehouses, technology can be used that combines cameras with computer vision technology. This helps to see if employees are standing too close together, and if so, an alert will be sent out. Avensure HSE warehouse risk assessment support can also lessen the likelihood of incidents.

While there has been concern that the pandemic may be causing job losses, it can also be driving innovation. For people to survive, they must refocus efforts to these new types of innovation. It’s certainly no different than last century when typewriters, record players, VHS and cassette tapes were big. It simply means moving forward to exciting new ventures.

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