Product Manager

Job Description and Responsibilities:

– Responsible for the Team’s overall Performance on Revenue and Profit.
– Guides and Lead the team in the attainment of the company’s goals and objectives.
– Makes sure that the Team’s Sales Targets, Profit Margin are met on a monthly basis.
– Manages the Account Manager’s Fieldwork schedule, scheduled leaves, absences etc.
– Ensures that weekly group meetings are conducted in order to monitor each PL’s activities, funnel discussion, and to address other issues and concerns.
– Develops excellent relationship with the Client and Suppliers.
– Facilitates a semi-annual planning and team building session to reinforce camaraderie and team spirit.

Job Qualifications:

– Graduate of Bachelor’s degree preferably in Bachelor of Science in Information Technology or Business Administration.
– Highly personable, confident, aggressive, sales driven and customer oriented.
– Should possess exceptional interpersonal, communication, presentation and negotiation skills.
– Ability to handle multiple accounts, highly organized and able to coordinate well with the team members.
– Preferably with at least two (2) years’ experience in Telco & IT Sales.
– Willing to travel.

We are always looking for highly talented and motivated individuals.
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