Announcing Our Zoho Partnership—Complete Cloud Business App Solutions

Business AppiConnect Technologies partners with only the best cloud businesses that work effectively at making a home or business life better. One of our latest partnerships has been with Zoho.

Zoho has over 30+ cloud-based applications. This company focuses purely on software and nothing else. They have been inspired to create software to solve many of the common problems businesses face today. They’ve been in business for over a decade, and have become one of the top players in the cloud and device app market.

This company knows that when you focus on people and company culture that business will better be able to succeed in the market today. It’s taken them many years to get to this point, providing great customer satisfaction and an excellent line of app products.

How Zoho Apps Work

Their apps run on Zoho One, which is a revolutionary operating system. Some of their best apps include Cliq—a chat interface specifically for connecting people through online devices. There is also CRM which helps businesses in closing more deals. The Mail app is essential for communication and also has a clean interface that is free from ads.

The Books software allows companies to do smart accounting. And if that’s not enough, app programmers can use the Creator Tool to help build their own custom apps for the companies they work for.

Zoho One offers a complete all-in-one suite of software to run your entire business. There are many benefits, including software that integrates and works together, saving you time and money. Within this line are 35 bundled applications that work on one account. Clients are allowed to have complete administrative control.

Many businesses may not know where to start. Zoho provides three app bundles with everything you need in the package. There is CRM Plus, which focuses on what the customer needs. The workplace will enable you to run your business from one integrated suite. Finance Plus offers a unified financial platform to cover the money.

Zoho Apps That Help Your Business

There are also many separate apps to choose from.

Sales & Marketing—This is a wide range of apps that offers everything from client registration, to sales, forms, campaigns, motivators, and more.

Email & Collaboration—This set of apps includes email, documents, a document writing program, project management, and connections. You could have the best-executed email in the world, but if it isn’t relevant to your list, it will fall flat. Need more tips for emails and copywriting mastery? Check out and learn sales copywriting from Stefan Georgi to know how to write better copy, faster!

Business Process—This suite of apps allows you to create projects and reports.

Finance—Everything a business needs to manage invoices, choosing e-stub for online payments, subscriptions, expenses, inventory, and customer checkouts.

IT & Help Desk—These apps allow you to have a customer service desk for assistance and questions, and also to provide support through a computer or mobile devices.

Human Resources—You can also manage your internal team with the recruiting software and people app which is great for companies.

Zoho Authorized Partner Philippines

Zoho also encourages collaborations through its Zoho Developer program. You can also solve your G Suite business needs.

We are proud to have partnered with Zoho, a top-notch web and mobile app-based company. If you are interested in the Zoho cloud business app solutions and products, please contact iConnect Technologies today.

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