5 Ways to Make Working Remotely Actually Work

Work from home, 5 Ways to Make Working Remotely Actually Work

The world is on pandemic alert and right now is the perfect opportunity to set up your work team remotely. The process may seem chaotic at first as you consider all the tools you need to begin. Here are 5 ways to make working remotely actually work.

  1. Communication is key.

    Just like you connected with your team when they worked in an office, you’ll need to find ways to connect with your team remotely. You may do this through the telephone, texting, video conferencing via computer or apps, or other types of software. It’s important to check in regularly and let your team members know that they’re valued and appreciated.

  1. Consider privacy & safety.

    It may seem great at first to download that free app, but will it work for you and your team? Not only should you be considering security and privacy, but you also need to consider having a decent internet connection, laptop, and other equipment, such as a decent cellphone/device and noise-canceling headphones/earbuds. You’ll also want to consider where you work. Will that coffee shop provide the privacy you need if you must chat with clients regularly?

  1. Consider workplace setup.

    It may seem like a great idea to sit for 8 hours a day on the couch with your laptop, but your back is going to protest after a week or so. Help your team with choosing a good location to work from home. An inexpensive desk and a good quality office chair are going to help support you while you work, and also help to avoid any aches and pains that can take your mind away from work. A workplace should also be in a quiet place, away from the noise of family or people.

  1. Take a break.

    In an office, you have the opportunity to log off and go on a break or lunch or connect with your team. When you’re working remotely, there aren’t those reminders that you shouldn’t be staring at your screen, 24/7. Set boundaries for your work and stick to them. It may be as simple as setting the alarm on your computer or device to remind you to step away from the screen for a bit. 

  2. Choose the right software.

    There is software to help your team to work remotely. It can help to keep your team organized. It will provide checklists, calendars, boards, and charts. This is the simplest way to track what work needs to be done, what work has been completed, and what tasks require the assistance of a supervisor. Quality software will help keep your project on track and help to deliver it on time to help meet your client’s expectations.

We don’t think the world will ever be the same again. In the future, we’ll all have to do our part to stay healthy and keep our homes and our businesses sanitized and clean. The future may just involve businesses working remotely, without the need for extensive office space. And now is the perfect opportunity to Contact Us iConnect Technologies with any questions or concerns you may have with Cloud software, hardware, or working remotely.


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