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Punch Card
Just turn your Delorean time machine back to the 18th century and you’d witness the making of the punch cards, which were basically made of hard cardstorck with punched holes to represent data.

Floppy Disk
Moving on to 1971, when IBM proudly introduced the first floppy disk. These bulky old-school storage medium were made up of a circular magnetic film protected by a flexible jacket, thus the term “floppy”. This storage medium was read-only at first, and then later versions added the write-capability as well as increase the scan capacity by more than 6 times. We won’t get into technicalities, however we must say, if you’ve ever owned one of these floppies you can go ahead and award yourself 100 geek points, and a whooping 1000 if you still actually have one.

Magneto-Optical Drive
Sadly, in no way affiliated to the comic book hero, the magneto-optical drive (MOD) was introduced around 1990 and can be regarded as a sort of mutant. One can conclude from the name that the magneto-optical drive combines both magnetic and optical technologies for the purpose of achieving high densities.

USB Flash Drive
Arguably the most powerful storage innovation since the floppy disk, the onset of USB flash drives back in the 2000s signified the termination of floppies. Yet, it was not the 8MB debut capacity that won over consumers, better yet it was the ability to boot from a USB key as well as, and more importantly, the ability to update a motherboard’s BIOS.

The Cloud
Even the all mighty USBs are facing termination and all thanks to the cloud computing industry that is slowly but surely making its way into the IT industry. Even though it is quite obvious how economic and social motivations are making it compulsory for businesses as well as individuals to get on the cloud, here are our top 8 reasons for why you should be on it too:

1. Help companies save money
2. Help small business become more efficient
3. Help save the environment
4. Access to information anywhere at anytime
5. Cloud computing solutions are easy to use
6. Increased demand for resources
7. Integrate part of a disaster recovery solution
8. Will lead to new product and platform innovation

The question now remains: which cloud solution should you select? With so many options out there, it is easy to be bewildered and just give up the whole thought all together. However, we advise you not to give up so hastily, and give Unlicloud a try. The first cloud solution to introduce Cold Storage; an extremely low cost storage that provides an optimal, secure and reliable storage solution for data that is rarely accessed.

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